Whatsapp Online Tracker Free | How to track Whatsapp online status for free

Whatsapp Online Tracker Free

If you are searching for the best WhatsApp online notification tracker or WhatsApp online Tracker, to see who is online and also want to get a notification when some of your contacts are online then you are at the right place. 

Sometimes, we just want to know when a specific person is on or off WhatsApp. It could be because we’re eager to chat with a friend or family member, or we’re just curious about what someone is up to. 

Sometimes you want to send a message right away when someone is actively using WhatsApp. Being notified when someone is online adds a lively and responsive touch to chatting.

WhatsApp developers provide no features or options for tracking online/offline people. If you want to WhatsApp online tracker free, several free apps serve as WhatsApp last-seen trackers and activity monitors, offering a WhatsApp online notifier feature. 

So in this article, we will give you the top best Whatsapp online trackers or Whatsapp last seen tracker applications, which help you to track who is online and last seen of your friends and family.  Discover the leading WhatsApp online tracker apps for Android and iPhone. 

1. WaStat – WhatsApp Tracker 

WaStat is a free app for Android that keeps track of how much you use WhatsApp. It gives you easy-to-understand summaries and visuals to show how long you spend on WhatsApp, which chats you visit the most, and when you’re most active during the day.

Features of WaStat – WhatsApp Tracker

  • Keep an eye on the total time you use WhatsApp
  • Tracks the time you spend in each chat
  • Records both online and offline usage
  • Displays your WhatsApp activity with simple graphs and charts
  • Provides detailed reports on how you use WhatsApp
  • Lets you monitor multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single device.

How to Use WaStat – WhatsApp Tracker

  • Get the WaStat app from the Google Play Store and install it.
  • Open the app and give it the permissions it needs.
  • Choose the WhatsApp account you want to monitor.
  • Use WhatsApp as usual.
  • Check your WhatsApp stats in the WaStat app whenever you want.

2. Family Tracker – Online Status 

Family Tracker – Online Status is a free Android app that monitors when your family members are active on messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and Viber. It provides detailed reports and notifications regarding their online activity, helping you keep an eye on them and make sure they’re safe. 

Feature of Family Tracker

  • Tracks the online status of multiple friends and family members.
  • Share detailed reports about their online moves, like when they were last active, how much time they spent online, and which apps they used. 
  • Sends quick messages when someone starts or stops being online.
  • Helps you create special alerts for certain times or if someone is online for a long time.

How to Use Family Tracker – Online Status App

  • Download and install the Family Tracker – Online Status app from the Google Play Store.
  • Open the app and create an account.
  • Add your family members to the app by entering their phone numbers for the WhatsApp online tracking.
  • Now, the app will keep track of when someone is online or offline, and you’ll get a notification when that person comes online.

W-LOG Online – iOS

W-LOG Online is a free app for iOS that helps you keep an eye on when your family and friends are using WhatsApp. It gives you detailed reports on their online actions, such as when they were last active, total time spent online, and time spent on each messaging app. Plus, it sends you quick notifications when your contacts go online or offline.

Features of W-LOG Online

  • Tracks the online status of multiple contacts concurrently.
  • Provides detailed reports on their online activity, including last seen time, total time online, and time spent on WhatsApp.
  • Sends instant notifications when your contacts come online or go offline
  • Allows you to set custom alerts for specific times of the day or when your contacts are online for longer than a certain period
  • Provides a user-friendly interface.

How to use

  • Download and install the W-LOG Online app from the App Store.
  • Open the app and create an account.
  • Add your contacts to the app by entering their phone numbers.
  • Select the messaging apps that you want to track like WhatsApp, Telegram, and others.
  • Start tracking your contacts’ online status.

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4. Online Monitor (Last Seen)

Online Monitor (Last Seen) is a mobile app Whatsapp online tracker that helps to track the online activity of friends, family, or other loved ones. It works by tracking the user’s “last seen” status on these platforms, which indicates the time the user was last online.

Features of Online Monitor (Last Seen)

  • Online Monitor is one of the best Whatsapp online trackers for tracking the online and offline activity of your friends and family. 
  • You’ll get instant alerts on your phone when a friend goes online or offline.
  • The Online Monitor (Last Seen) can create reports to tell you the time a user has been online every day, week, or month.

How to  Use Online Monitor (Last Seen)

  • Download and Install an Online Monitor on your Phone from PlayStor or any other application download platform. 
  • After installing, open the app and follow the necessary steps like creating an account or Sing Up. 
  • Now add your contact or user, that you want to track online activities like online, offline, last seen, and more. 
  • Now you can easily track user activity. 

FAQs: WhatsApp Online Tracker Free 

What is WhatsApp online tracker?

WhatsApp online trackers are third-party apps that give you the option to track activity online, offline, last seen, and many other features to track your friends, family, and loved ones. 

How to get a notification when someone is online on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp does not give any official feature that allows users to get notifications when one of their contacts goes online.


We hope this information will be helpful to our readers. We covered the top WhatsApp online tracker free application. If you have any questions related to this article then comment below.

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