Role of Artificial intelligence in the field of Education

Role of Artificial intelligence in the field of Education

Education plays a crucial part in everyone’s life. And good education leads to a successful life. Artificial intelligence is used in almost every field of life. It also plays a vital role in education. Artificial intelligence gives ew solutions to learning and teaching. It helps students and teachers in every situation. AI is not only replacing teachers, it also helps students and teachers and makes the learning process easier for them. In this article, you will learn about some applications of AI in education.

  • Replace basic activities in education with AI: 

Many basic activities take much time in the education system like grading, tests, and homework. These basic activities require much time and effort from the teacher. However, teachers may use this time to interact with students, talking to them about their errors and teaching them new things. So with AI, we can replace grading with MCQs and fill in the blanks. It is still not possible to replace all human grading activities. Through AI, teachers fill their gaps in the classroom as compared to spending on these effort activities.

  • Support students with AI tutor: 

The teacher is not present every time with students when they study. Also, each student is not able to grasp all the things that they learn in school. Some students need additional support in studies so at this time AI tutor serves the role of teacher. Now, many tutoring programs help students by providing data from every field. With these AI apps students learn about all concepts. However, it is still not possible to teach them complex concepts. But maybe AI will also fill this gap in the future.

  • AI Programs give feedback to students and teachers:

AI helps the students not only in learning specific courses, it also gives feedback about the success level of the course to teachers and students. To analyze the progress of the students online course provider uses the feedback-based AI systems. It helps the students to give proper support in education and also tells the teachers where they need improvement.

  • AI finds improvement in course:

It is very hard to fill the gaps in learning and teaching in the education system. Teachers have limited time. Also, they didn’t know completely about the students that were lacking in education. The solution to fill these gaps is AI-driven apps. Many learning platforms use AI-driven apps. While learning these programs helps to fill the gaps in courses. It also makes sure that the student successfully learns the concepts.

  • AI replaces the role of teacher:

In the education system, teachers always play an important role. However new AI technologies replace these roles and requirements. We can also discuss above that AI fills these basic gaps like grading, and reports, and helps students in learning. AI plays an important role in education. It makes students and teachers work more easily. And in the future, it will also teach complex concepts to students.


Now like computers and mobile phones, AI is also the necessities of life. It can make students and teachers’ work easier. Also plays a crucial role in the field of education. AI helps to fill the flaws and gaps in the education system. It can reduce the work of teachers. Also helps students 24 hours when they need it. It also saves time. Now teachers have much time to interact with students and know about their errors and flaws. This is only possible through AI.

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