Brief look at the topic of Robotics and Types of Robots

Brief look at the topic of Robotics and Types of Robots

The branch of engineering deals with the design, conception, construction, application, and usage of robots. Robots are automatically operated machines that independently do a series of actions. It usually does work performed by humans. Robot creators make their creations like humans and they can ease the work of humans. Robots work in a versatile way. In almost all the fields of life, robots can play a crucial role. Now we will learn about the types of Robots.

Robots role in health care:

In the healthcare industry, robots can do almost everything. It helps in assisting in surgery, physical therapy, helping people in walking and delivering special supplies like medicines and linens. Healthcare robots play a vital role during covid-19 pandemic. Including filling, producing respirators, and sealing testing swabs.

Robots’ role in homelife:

Robots play a big role in our homes. It helps to ease and comfort us in our lives. It can vacuum floors, mow lawns, and augment tools, for example, Alexa.

Role of Robots in the field of Manufacturing:

Robots first appeared in the field of manufacturing like automobile assembly line machines. Industrial robots work on a large number of tasks. It includes welding, material handling, product sealing, food packaging, and steel cutting.

Role of Robots in the field of Logistics:

Robots play an important role in making customer orders on time. In the field of logistics, robots can do a variety of jobs. It includes stacking warehouse shelves, conducting short-range delivery, and retrieving goods.

Role of Robots in Space Exploration:

Robots are becoming a basic and necessary part of life. It also works in the field of space exploration. They can also explore planets. Like explorers of Mars are robots. Their names are Perseverance and Sojourner. Also, The Hubble telescope is referred to as a robot. It works on deep space probes like Cassini and Voyager.

Role of Robots in Military:

Robots had a great contribution in the Military. They can do many dangerous operations. Military uses a variety of Robots to work in dangerous and riskier operations. It includes the detection of explosives or disposals. The robot is named Centaur, The MUTT robot is used for mines and IEDs and fights the fire that comes out on naval vessels, and SAFFIR is used.



The big advantage of a Robot is that it works in hazardous environments. Because it is difficult for humans to take risks in their life. So in a dangerous environment, we can use robots. Robots are cost-effective. They continuously work. And not take coffee breaks and also not take any pensions, salaries, and health care services. So they are also budget-friendly. Robots increase the productivity of work. They can excellently do the work with mistakes or continuously work without breaks.


A large startup cost is served on Robots. Robots might take away the jobs of humans. It is a large drawback of jobs. When a company hires robots, they can turn in their potential employees. Also, robots need operators and repairers which may also charge large costs.


Robots play a significant role in every field of science. It can make the work of humans easy and comfortable. Also saves humans from working in dangerous environments. But with their advantages, there are also a few drawbacks to robots.

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