How to see Instagram private account posts | How To View Private Instagram Profiles, Posts, Reels, and More

Instagram private account posts

If you want to see someone’s private Instagram account post, picture, reel, story, and more, and you don’t find any genuine method then don’t worry you are at the right place. In this article, we will give you information about How to see Instagram’s private account posts Or How To View Private Instagram Profiles, Post, Reels, Story and More. 

Instagram allows users to choose between two types of accounts: public and private. While many users opt for public accounts, some prefer to keep their profiles private.

If someone has a private Instagram account, their stories, videos, photos, and posts are not visible or accessible to other users unless the owner of the private account accepts a follow request from those users.

This article will talk about different ways and tips to view private Instagram profiles. We’ll look at the advantages and risks of each method and discuss how to stay safe while trying them out. Let’s begin with the information.

Method 1: By Following That Account 

If you’ve been using Instagram for a while, you’re probably aware that to view posts, stories, and other content on private accounts, the user needs to accept your following request. This means that only after your follow request is accepted can you like posts, leave comments, view stories, and access the profile.

The simplest and honest way is to send a follow request if you know the person personally or have a valid reason to follow them. Ensure your profile looks genuine to improve the likelihood of getting accepted.

Method 2: Create a fake account

To view posts on a private Instagram account without notifying the user, you can follow this method. Create a fake account that appears genuine, with a profile picture matching the gender of the person you’re interested in. Craft an interesting bio and choose a name that aligns with the person’s preferences.

After successfully creating the fake account, follow the target private account. Once the private account owner accepts your follow request, you’ll gain access to their stories and posts without them being notified. Please note that this approach involves creating a fake account, and such activities may violate Instagram’s terms of service. Use discretion and respect privacy when employing these methods.

Method 3: Use Instagram Mod Apk

Instagram Mod is a third-party application that provides access to private accounts. Users can input an Instagram username to quickly view the profile of any desired user. The app offers features like following and unfollowing, posting comments, sending direct messages, and even viewing private images. The best part is, it’s available at no cost! Keep in mind, though, that using unofficial apps may violate Instagram’s terms of service, so exercise caution.

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Method 4: By Using Third-Party Tools 

Another method to access private profiles involves using an Instagram viewer tool. These tools are created to bypass the privacy settings on private accounts, allowing you to view their content.

While some of these tools are free, others may require payment. It’s crucial to note that using such tools can lead to temporary or permanent suspension of your account, so caution is advised.

If you’re looking to view private Instagram profiles quickly, consider sending a follow request or using a fake account. This avoids the need for risky methods, and the account owner may grant you access over time.

Alternatively, you can explore third-party tools, but be mindful of potential risks. Regardless of the method chosen, it’s essential to respect the privacy of others. If granted access, refrain from sharing any content without permission.

Below we give some Third Party Tools:


Glassagram is a private Instagram viewer that claims to allow users to view private Instagram accounts without knowing the account user. It is important to note that there are no legitimate ways to view private Instagram accounts without the account owner’s permission. Glassagram may be a scam or may use unethical methods to obtain private information.

Here are some of the promises made by Glassagram:

  • View private Instagram profiles and stories
  • Download private Instagram photos and videos
  • Track private Instagram accounts
  • Monitor private Instagram activity

Insta Stalker

Insta Stalker is a website that says it can show you private Instagram profiles, but there’s no proof it works, and it’s probably a scam. Other sites make similar promises, but they’re all scams too.

Instagram doesn’t let outside apps see private profiles to protect user privacy. If you want to view a private profile, send the following request. If it’s accepted, you can see the profile.


This app is currently considered the best for keeping an eye on private Instagram accounts in 2023. To get started, all you need is the username of the person’s account you want to monitor.

Moreover, you can check out other things the user does, like their likes, recent follows, and even direct messages. To use this app to view private Instagram accounts:

  • Pick your subscription and finish the purchase.
  • Register by providing your email.
  • Start monitoring the Instagram account you’re curious about.


So We hope you get all the information about How to see Instagram’s private account posts. | How To View Private Instagram Profiles. We also cover some methods But, it’s crucial to know there’s no official method for it. The methods mentioned should be used carefully, and it’s advised not to rely on website or tool methods. 

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