No Service Validity Means – Validity NA means

no service validity means

Are you also seeing the terms No service validity or NA validity in VI or airtel application in the recharge plan?

If yes then you`ve landed on the right page to know about the No service validity means or Validity NA means.

no service validity means

Basically, Whenever recharge plan expired on our mobile number then we go for recharge to use the call, Internet and SMS services on our mobile.

But in some of the plan, there shows that No service validity or NA validity in the mobile recharge platform such as VI app, Airtel app, Phonepe, Paytm etc.

So, if you want to know this then by the end of article, you would be able to know in detail about the No service validity means and also other information related to it.

What does no service validity means?

Recently, No service validity and NA Validity terms have come as the telecom operator of VI & airtel have made changes in the recharge plan.

No service validity means

No service validity means that recharge plan has no validity or expiration date but that will work only if there is active service validity recharged in your mobile number.

Basically, No service validity plans comes in which talktime – top up and data pack type of services are available.

Let`s understand it with example;

Talktime plan & Data plan of VI :- Rs. 10, Rs.20, Rs.30, Rs.50, Rs.100, Rs.151, Rs.182 etc.

Talktime plan & Data plan of Vi:- Rs.10, Rs.20, Rs.100, Rs.500, Rs.1000, etc.

So, these type of recharge plan are No service validity plan and it works only if there is service validity recharge.

Now, you might be thinking that what is service recharge plan, So You would know it later below.

NA means in recharge

Validity NA means

The full form of NA is Not Applicable and it is the same as No service validity. In some of the mobile recharge platform shows No service validity and somewhere shows NA Validity.

Here, Not applicable means that particular recharge plan has no any expiration date or have unlimited validity but that works only, if there is active service validity plan recharged in your number.

Other than, Na validity or No service validity plan there are also other terms that are mentioned in recharge plan which you should know about that, they are :-

  • Service validity
  • Existing validity
  • No outgoing SMS

What is service validity in vi or airtel?

service validity means

Service validity are those type of recharge plan which have validity or expiration date and it does not require any type of extra recharge plan to work.

If you recharge service validity plan then you can use call service, Internet and sms according to the reharge plan.

Mostly, unlimited plans are service validity recharge plan and also some of the talktime type of plan are in service validity.

As we have told above that, Service validity recharge plan is mandatory to avail the NA validity or Not applicable recharge plan in your number.

If you only recharge No service validity or NA validity in your VI or airtel Number then that will not work if this type of service validity plan are not active.

What does existing validity means?

existing validity means

The existing validity terms is bit different from NA validity or No service validity plan. Mostly, talktime and data pack comes in existing validity recharge plan.

Existing validity means the particular recharge plan will work only till the expiration date of your current service validity recharge plan.

As your current service validity recharge plan expired then that existing validity plan will not work even if you recharge again service validity plan.

You would understand it well through example :-

Suppose if you have been recharged your VI number of Rs.209 (Unlimited plan) which is a service validity recharge plan for 28 days.

You have used it for 25 days and after 3 days the plan will be expired. So, if you recharge Existing validity plan of Rs.100 on 25th days then that plan will be also expire after 3 days with the current service validity recharge plan.

What is No Outgoing SMS Plan?

No outoging sms

No outgoing SMS means message cannot be send by you to anyone if you recharged such plan in which No outgoing sms is mentioned.

By the way, We can`t say that No outgoing sms plan is in NA validity or Service validity but mostly, it comes in NO service validity recharge plan in which talktime and datapack are available.

So,if you have a need to send message then make sure to not do No outgoing sms type of recharge plan if it is mentioned on service validity recharge plan.

According to the recharge plan, you will be able to use the calling and Internet services even if there is mentioned No outgoing SMS.

Difference between No Service Validity and service validity

1. It has Unlimited Validity which means no validity & no expiry date.It has limited validity which means have validity & expiration date.
2.Mostly, NA validity are in talktime & data pack type of recharge plan.Mostly, Service validity are in unlimited type of recharge plan and also in some talktime plan.
3. NA validity is not compulsory to recharge as it doesn`t work if service validity is not recharged.Service validity plan is compulsory to recharge to avail services of calling, internet & SMS.
4.No service validity plan have only type of service either Internet or Top-up Talktime.Every services can be given such as Calling, Internet and SM.
5.It expired when the whole usage of given package of services are consumed.It expired when it cross the validity date.

FAQ on No service validity means

What is the meaning of NA in validity?

Full form of NA is Not applicable which means have no validity and in other words have unlimited validity. But NA validity recharges works only when there is active service validity recharge plan.

Should I recharge No service validity plan in Vi or airtel?

According to your need, you can recharge no service validity plan in your VI or airtel. Suppose if you have consumed all data or calling service of service validity plan then you can do it.

What happens when service validity expires in VI & airtel?

When service validity recharged pln expired in your VI or Airtel mobile number then you`re unable to use calling, Internet & SMS services and then again you need to recharge your VI / Airtel number with service validity plan.

Is 10 RS recharge Airtel validity?

Rs.10 Recharge in airtel is a NA validity or No service validity plan whch gives talktime of Rs.7.47 but it will work only if there is service validity recharge plan your airtel number.

Does top up recharge have validity?

Mostly, Top-up recharge have no validity as they comes in NA Validity or No service validity plan either it is airtel or VI. As you consumed all quote then it gets finished or expired.

Why you should not Recharge NA Validity service?

If you have Service validity recharge plan and the services which you need are still left then you should not recharge NA Validity service plan as it will not benefit to any extent.

What is no service validity in vi?

No service validity means same in Vi (Vodafone & Idea) and in Airtel, there is no any difference. In simple, No service validity plan are unlimited type of plan but also some talktime and other comes in it.

What is na validity means in airtel?

If you go to recharge in Airtel website or application then you show NA Validity terms. So, Here also NA Validity and NO service validity is same whereas in other recharge platform shows No service validity terms.

Which is the lowest plan of NA Validity and Service validity in VI?

In VI, the lowest plan of Service validity is of Rs.98 day which has 15 days validity and NA Validity is of Rs.10 in which ₹7.47 Talktime. So, to keep all services active, you need to recharge your VI Number of minimum Rs.98.

Which is the lowest plan of NA Validity and Service validity in Airtel?

In airtel, the lowest plan of service validity is of Rs.99 which has 28 days validity and talktime of 99 whereas the NA Validity is of Rs.10 in which 7.47 talktime.

Wrap up on NA Validity Means

Finally, you got the information that Actually, What does No service validity means or NA Validity means in VI or airtel Recharge plan.

So, by knowing the important information which are given in this article, do recharge your mobile number with carefully by looking the plan details.

Most of them recharge No service validity plan in their phone without necessary and having no service validity recharge plan and after that they think why services is not active.

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