How to reset mi phone?

How to reset mi phone

Are you also interested to hard reset your MI Xiaomi Redmi phone? If yes then you have landed on the right page to solve all the problem having in your mi phone to fix by resetting.

There could be the many reasons due to which you want to factory reset your mi phone such as Phone slows down or might be hanging,

How to reset mi phone

Might be you have forgotten the screen lock password of your mi phone, or want to clean all the data or might be selling your phone to others.

However, Here you would get the step-by-step procedure for formatting your mi phone safely, So that your problem having in your mi phone would be solved easily.

Things to do before resetting your Xiaomio MI Redmi phone

Following are things that you should consider before formatting your mi phone:-

  • Backup :- Its very important thing which you should do before resetting your redmi phone. So, Backup all your necessary data like photos, videos, document, video, etc. as well as all data of whatsapp app.
  • Contacts:- You should also backup your all contact list as its necessary for future, So you can transfer contacts to SIM or in Gmail account.
  • Battery Charge:- Also, you should make sure that your mobile is charged at least 20% before resetting otherwise if not discharged then it may can create issue while resetting.
  • Google account:- Make sure to remove the all google account from your mi phone or remember the google account and its password, its must.

How to Hard reset MI phone? using 5 ways

There are 5 method are given below for resetting your mi phone in which 4 are hard reset and 1 is soft reset.

The method would be used according to the condition, so you have to see that which way would be perfect for your phone. So, Let`s see…

Note:- Whichever model of mi phone you have, the same procedure would be applied to all the model of xiaomi redmi phone.

How to reset mi phone using power button?

In this method, you would be hard reset your mi phone via recovery mode using the power button and volume key of your mi phone.

This method can be used to reset your mi phone for any type of reason whether mi phone locked or lagging issue or erasing all data.

Follow the below point to reset mi phone using the recovery mode:-

  • Firstly, switch off your mi redmi phone by holding power button and then clicking on power off icon.
  • When your mi phone gets switched off then keep holding the power and volume up key till the Mi phone logo displays and phone vibrates but don`t release the volume up key.
  • You have to release the volume up key when you see recovery mode screen on your mi phone.
Can I reset phone without password
  • Come down to the wipe data through the help of volume down key and then press power key to select it for wiping the data of your mi phone.
How do you hard reset an Android phone
  • In the next screen, again press the power key to select Wipe all data option.
Should I reset my phone
  • Scroll down to confirm option through volume down key and press power key for the confirmation of resetting your mi phone.
  • Now, the mi phone will be start resetting and as the 100% finished then “Data wiped successfully” would appear on the screen.
  • Hold the power key to select “Back to main menu” option.
  • Press power key to select “Reboot” option.
Can I recover data after factory reset
  • Finally, again press power key to select “Reboot to system” option for restarting your mi phone.
Will factory reset delete my photosWill factory resWill factory reset delete my photoset delete my photos

How to format mi phone using mi phone setting?

By this method, you would not be able to reset your mi phone if your phone`s screen is locked but other than this, reset can be done for any reason.

Mostly, this method of resetting phone using the phone setting is used when needs to clean the data or hang problem.

Follow the below points to factory reset your mi phone using the phone setting:-

  • Go to the setting of your redmi phone and click on About phone option.
  • Tap on Backup & reset option as you can see in the below image or if not then find Factory reset option.
Can I get my photos back after factory reset
  • Tap on “Erase all data (factory reset)” option.
Does factory reset remove virus
  • Click on Reset phone option.
  • Tap on “next” as the counting finish to 10 second and then finally, tap to OK to reset your mi redmi phone.
What is reboot in phone

These are the steps which you need to perform to factory reset your mi phone to clean or erase all the data of your mi phone.

How to reset mi phone using laptop (ADB tools)?

You can also hard reset your mi phone with the help of ADB software and Computer. It doesn`t matter for what reason, same as Recovery mode.

But this is the safest way to reset your mi phone if your screen of mi phone is locked and you have forgotten the password.

Because you don`t need to enter the detail of google account which was linked to your phone.

Follow the below points to hard reset phone when locked using laptop through ADB tools:-

  • Firstly, make sure that your mi phone is switched off completely.
  • Open the fastboot in your redmi phone by holding the power and volume down key.
  • After this, make sure to connect your mi phone to Laptop through USB Connector.
  • You would need to download the ADB Fastboot tools on your System to do the further process.
  • Open ADB Fastbot tool file and then do the right click by pressing the shift key from the keyboard.
  • Click the PowerShell or open command window options.
What is reboot in phone
  • Type the command “fastboot -w” and hit enter key.
How do I turn off my mi phone without touchscreen
  • After a few seconds when the process completed, then type “fastboot reboot” and hit enter key.
Will I lose my data if I reboot my phone
  • Now, your mi phone will be hard reset successfully.

How to factory reset mi phone Remotely using google account?

If the google account is logged in your mi phone then you can also hard reset your mi phone remotely with the help of other smartphone or PC.

There is no need to have the smartphone in your hand, factory reset can be done with the help of other phone only by logging your same google account in other phone.

Note:- Before proceeding to the below steps, you have to make sure that the internet connection is turned on your mi redmi phone for resetting through google find my device.

Let`s know the step wise procedure for resetting your mi xiaomi redmi phone using google find my device:-

  • Install google find my device app on any other phone.
  • Tap on Sign in as a guest.
  • Enter the google account detail including email address and password which is logged in your mi phone.
  • Click on “Erase Device” option and then again tap to Erase option for confirmation to reset your mi phone.
What is the purpose of a reset

Now, your mi phone would be reset successfully and all the data will be erased of your mi redmi phone.

How to do soft reset by rebooting?

By the way, its not a hard reset or factory reset and any data of your mi phone would not be deleted or erased.

Its just a soft reset in which you just restart or reboot your mi phone due to which if any issue lagging or hanging occurs on your phone will be fixed.

What are the pros and cons of resetting your mi phone?

Your mi phone runs faster and the lagging issue fixedAll the data are deleted from your phone.
If mi phone screen lock is forgotten then it can be unlocked by resetting the phone.If you have a google account linked to your phone then you need to hard reset using a computer to avoid FRP lock.
After resetting, You can give any user to use or can sell your phoneIf you give any other user to use or sell phone without formatting, then could be misuse of your personal data.

FAQ on Reset MI phone

How to reset redmi phone if forgot password?

If you have been forgotten the password of your mi redmi phone then you unclock it by hard reset. You should do a hard reset of your mi phone using laptop through ADB tools.

How to reset Mi phone without losing data?

There are many software available to reset mi phone wihout lossing data of phone but you would need to reset using computer. Some of the tools for it are Droid kit, iToolab UnlockGo, dr.fone etc.

How to backup and reset Mi phone?

There are many ways to backup the data of your Mi Redmi phone. You can backup through xiaomi cloud, google account, local backup etc. You would need to do more research on backuping and then you can reset by following the process which are mentioned on this page.

how to erase all data from xiaomi phone?

If you want to erase all your data then you would need to perform the hard reset on your xiaomi redmi phone to clean all the data. Every type of data would be erased of your phone.

Why should your hard reset your mi xiaomi redmi phone?

Its totally depend on you whether its necessary or not. But if there is slow or hang issue or screen locked and forgotten the password then you can peform the hard reset of your mi redmi phone.

Do you need to enter mi password after resetting mi redmi phone?

If mi password is logged in your mi redmi phone then you would need to enter the mi password after resetting. But if you remove the mi account then it would not ask password after performing hard reset. So, Make sure to remove mi account or remember its password/

Wrap up on factory reset mi xiaomi redmi phone

Finally, you learnt that how to perform factory reset on your xiaomi Redmi phone through the given process on this page.

Now, the lagging or slow down issue or screen locked and whatever issues were occuring that would have been solved after hard resetting your mi phone.

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