How to remove safe mode in MI? Exit safe mode Redmi Xiaomi

How to remove safe mode in MI? Exit safe mode Redmi Xiaomi

Are you trying to disable or exit safe mode on your MI Redmi Xiamio Phone of any model? If yes then you are at the perfect place to know that how to remove safe mode in mi phone?

Basically, sometimes Safe mode gets activated on our phone automatically and we don`t know even that how it has activated?

How to remove safe mode in MI? Exit safe mode Redmi Xiaomi

By the way, I would like to tell you that safe mode doesn`t get activated automatically because unless and until you don`t follow the procedure for enabling then it doesn`t get activated.

So, Safe mode is activated on our smartphone by our mistake only but we don`t know that what we have done and how safe mode enabled and appearing.

Therefore, you don`t have to be worry if safe mode is appearing on your MI Redmi phone because we have mentioned a procedure on how to deactivate safe mode in mi?

What is Safe Mode in MI phone?

Safe mode is a feature that is available in almost every smartphone and it is very useful in some conditions.

Basically, it is used to fix the some problem of your smartphone like if virus has been entered on your phone or some application is unable to uninstall or any data is not deleting.

So, by turning on, you can fix these type of issue by troubleshotting. Also, Safe mode means it creates safe environment for your smartphone.

You will not be able to install or use any 3rd party application other than an inbuilt application of your smartphone.

Basically, as you turn on the safe mode then phone is like a new purchased phone because all external application are disaapeared.

How to Turn off Safe mode in MI Smartphone?

By the way, there are many ways through which safe mode can be exit of your xiamio redmi mi smartphone.

But here we would know about only two ways in which first is very simple way and the other is bit complicated. So, let`s know about that.

How to Remove Safe mode in Mi Redmi Xiaomio Phone using restart?

It is very simple method turn off safe mode in mi phone by rebooting it. Just you have to reboot your mi smartphone and then the safe mode would be exited and removed as phone turn on.

Below are the some step by step given point by following that you would be able to deactivate safe mode in redmi phone;-

  • Keep holding the power key of your mi redmi phone for a few seconds.
how to remove safe mode in xiaomi
  • Tap to Reboot and then click the “Tap to Reboot” option.
activate safe mode on redmi note 7 pro
  • Finally, the Mi Redmi phone would get turned off and then switched on automatically.

As the phone gets switched on then Safe mode will not appear on your mi redmi phone and would be removed.

Then, you will be able to use all your external application and also it will start appearing all the installed app.

How to disable safe mode in mi by wiping all data?

By the way, its 100% sure that above method would remove safe mode on your mi phone by rebooting.

But if in case that doesn`t work then you can also follow this alternate method by factory resetting your redmi mi phone.

There is one problem in this method that it will erase all your data of your smartphone.

So, if you don`t have any problem from it and would like to remove safe mode using wiping all data then you can proceed with it.

Below are the points that would help you on how to remove safe mode in mi using factory reset:-

  • Go to the setting and tap the about phone option.
deactivate safe mode redmi note 7 pro
  • Come to down and click on the Backup and reset button.
how to turn off safe mode xiaomi
  • Tap the “Erase all Data (Factory reset)” option.
how to remove safe mode in redmi note 7 pro
  • Finally, tap to the Reset option and then next < OK.

Now, your mi phone would hard reset and when it opens then safe mode would be removed permanently including all your data.

How to enable safe mode in mi?

You have already known that what is safe mode? So, If you would like to enable safe mode in your mi redmi phone then you can easily do it.

Below are the step by step process give that would help you to Turn on safe mode in your mi redmi smartphone:-

  • Firstly, power off your phone by pressing the power key and then tapping on the power option.
  • As the phone gets turned off then hold the power button to turn on the phone.
  • Now, when MIUI option appears then hold the volume down key till the home screen appears of your mi redmi xiamio phone and then Safe mode would be activated.

Now, Safe mode watermark would be start appearing at the left bottom corner on your mi redmi smartphone and also all the external application would be disappeared.

What are the Benefits of Safe mode?

There are some of the advantages and disadvantages of enabling safe mode on your mi redmi phone or any other smartphone. So, Let`s know that.

Pros of Safe Mode

  • You can fix the virus or malware-related problem in your smartphone. For example, if you were not able to delete some unwanted file then after activating it you can delete that.
  • As you know that all 3rd party application cannot be used and disappear so due to it, there is less load on your smartphone. So, phone runs smoothly and faster.
  • Anyone will not be able to access your data remotely.
  • Your phone would be safe and any type of virus or malware would not be able to attack.
  • There is less processing is done as there is not used of any external application so due to that battery performance also increases.

Cons of Safe Mode

By the way, you obviously have known that there is one measure disadvantage of enabling safe mode is that any 3rd party application cannot be used by the user.

Due to these, many important work will not be able to done as many work are done by third-party application.

For example, if you want to send some document or any data to anyone fastly then mosty you used whatsapp app.

But you would not be able to use whatsapp application for sending your important data to somebody fastly.

Likewise, there are many example which can`t be done if safe mode is turned on your mi redmi xiamio phone.

FAQ on How to Remove Safe mode in Mi phone

Should I use Safe Mode in my Mi Redmi Phone?

If you don`t have any use of external application like whatsapp, Scanner, Game, etc., and any other 3rd party app then you can use it. It totally depends on you whether you like to use these app or not.

Why is my MI phone in safe mode?

Your Mi phone is in safe mod e because you had held volume key while turning on your phone inadvertently (accidentally) that`s why safe mode is enabled on your mi phone.

When safe mode is used on smartphone?

When your Smartphone starts lacking/hanging, getting error in uninstalling any external app, or virus/malware has entered then in this situation, Safe mode is used to troubleshoot from these type issues.

How safe mode enabled automatically on my phone?

By the way, Safe mode is not activated automatically on your smartphone. You have only activated by mistake as you had held volume down key while switching on your phone.

Is there need of PC to exit safe mode of Xiaomio phone?

No, you don`t have a need of desktop or laptop for removing the safe mode on your mi phone or any smartphone. You just need to reboot your mi phone for removing safe mode and for other phone, you need to follow other procedure according to the brand & model of phone.

Can I stop safe mode in mi of all model by reboot ?

Yes, there is the same procedure to stop or remove safe mode in all model of mi redmi phone such as n redmi note 7 pro, redmi note 6 pro,redmi note 4, redmi y2, redmi 9a, redmi 7, redmi 9 prime, redmi note 7s, mi a1, redmi 8a, n redmi note 9 pro max, redmi 8a dual etc.

How to troubleshoot by enabling safe mode to fix issue in mobile?

It depends the type of issue occuring in your smartphone like if your phone is affected by virus then you can delete it after enabling safe mode. If external application is not uninstalling then you can do it.

How to Fix Fastboot issue in Redmi MI Phone?

If you have been entered into fastboot accidentally on your redmi or poco smartphone then you can get out from it just by pressing the power key for 10-15 seconds and then your phone would be turned on and fastboot gets exited.

Final words on How to Disable safe mode in MI

Now, the problem which you were facing is that Safe mode is activated and appearing that would have been solved after reading this whole article.

We have mentioned the simple way on how to remove safe mode in mi phone of all model for exiting it.

If you still get any error or problem related to turning off safe mode then you can ask in the comment below.

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