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How to connect mobile to led tv

Smartphones give you unique features to have a good quality of entertainment. But if we talk about entertainment on TV,

we must say that the advanced features of the smartphone can’t give you the type of entertainment you can get on TV.

If you are also looking for those effective ways that can help you connect mobile to LED TV, this article will help you.

You will learn how to connect mobile with LED TV and get unbeatable entertainment at your home.

How to connect mobile with led using 4 ways

Here, you will read how to connect the smartphone with LED using four ways in simple and interesting words.

You will come to know that fantastic feature that will help you to get amazing entertainment on your TV screen without any interruption.

Hence, continue reading this article to know how to watch your favorite content on the TV screen.

1. Connect mobile with LED TV wireless using Wifi

The first way that you can use is to connect your smartphone with an LED TV wireless using wifi is given below. Follow the procedure that I have mentioned to get the best quality entertainment on your TV on your weekends:

2. Connect your smart TV to your phone using Screen Mirroring

You can connect your smart TV to your smartphone using screen mirroring or screen casting simply to get the wonderful experience of entertainment on your LED TV.

The option of screen mirroring is available in Android 5 phones or premium quality versions of the smartphone. Follow the steps that are given below to make it possible on your device:

3. Connect the mobile to the led tv using Bluetooth

You can cast your favorite content on a smartphone on the LED TV very easily by using Bluetooth. Follow the steps that are given below to do it:

4. Connect the phone to the smart tv using a USB Cable

The last effective way that will help you watch your favorite content on your LED TV screen is using a USB cable. Just follow the steps that are given below to convert your drawing room into a theater:

FAQ on Connecting Phone to LED TV

How can I connect my phone to LED TV?

You can connect your phone to LED TV very easily by following the ways that are mentioned below. Choose any one way and spend quality time with your family.
1. Connect it via a USB cable.
2. Connect it via the Bluetooth
3. Connect it via screen mirroring
4. Connect it via wifi network

Can I mirror my phone to LED TV?

Yes, you can mirror your smartphone to LED TV and watch your favorite content on it without any interruption. But one thing that you should ensure is that you should have good quality internet with you that will make you cast the videos on your smart TV.

How to connect mobile with LED TV wireless

You can connect mobile with LED TV wireless smartly without any delay just by connecting your both devices with the same wifi network. You can choose the option of pairing up with the help of Bluetooth. Screen mirroring is possible with the help of the option of a control panel. Furthermore, plugin your LED TV with the USB cable to cast videos on it.

Conclusion on connecting LED TV to smartphone

To sum up, smartphones make us enjoy videos, games, and web series within a few minutes. But the small-sized screen of your Android device will not let you enjoy the content in the best possible manner.

Hence, you should connect your LED TV to your smartphone to freshen up your mind with quality videos.

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