How to get call history of any Number?

Is call History app free

Many people want to get call history details either of their number or someone else’s. The reason could be any, like they want to know whom that particular individual is talking to, etc.

So, in that case, people want to get the call history. Do you also wish to have the call history details of any mobile number?

Is call History app free

Here comes the question – But how can you get it? Don’t think too much; In this article, I’ll tell you the stepsof how to get call history of any number?.

Whether you own a jio, VI or airtel sim, it doesn’t matter, you can get the call history of each. I’ll mention the process for all three telecom operator’s sims. Let’s begin-

Can you get call details of any Number?

Yes, you can get the call details of any number, but the process varies from operator to operator. There are even third-party applications that perhaps help you get any number’s call history. The process is also the same for every company’s sim, but third-party apps have some cons – 

  • You need to install that third-party application on the device of the individual you want to get the call history of. 
  • The apps won’t help you until you purchase their subscription.
  • They only provide you with the history available on the individual’s device, which means you won’t get the deleted data. 
  • Many experts consider these apps scams and illegal. 

So the best and safest way to get the call history is to get it from operators. They will provide you with proper information on both incoming and outgoing calls. That’s why I will only mention the process of getting call history from operators in this article.

How to get call details of Any Number?

The process of getting the call history of different sims varies. So to know the procedure, read the below-mentioned steps and follow them to get the call history. 

How to get call history of JIO Number?

Getting call details of a Jio Number is comparatively easy from getting call history from other operators. 

You are permitted to get the call history of a Jio sim both by the jio application and website. But here, we will discuss the procedure of getting call details through the “My jio” app. 

Get the details by following –

  • Install the “My Jio” app on the device you’re using. 
  • Login using the mobile number you want to get the call history of. Remember that you must enter the OTP received on that number. Otherwise, you won’t be able to log in. 
  •  After logging in, head to the menu bar by flicking on the three lines in the left area. 
  • Enter the “My Usage” section. 
  • Now, hit on “calls.” 
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  • At the bottom of that page, you will be provided with “do you want to view a detailed usage statement?”
  • Choose the date you want to get the call history. 
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  •  Then, mark how you want that history. Three options are given – 

Email statement ( you need to fill in the email address you want to get history on. After you fill in, the record will be sent to your email).  Download statement ( it will be downloaded to your device, so move to the downloaded folder and get it). View statement (the history will appear directly on your display). 

I’ve mentioned what will happen when you choose that particular option, so think before deciding. 

Some more things you need to know for getting the call history of a Jio number are-

You can get a maximum history of 30 days. The app provides you with three options – 7 days, 15 days, and 30 days. Choose whichever you want to get details of. You can even use the “custome date” option as this option lets you view the call history from a specific date to a particular date. 

How to check call details of VI (Vodafone & Idea) Number?

Have a VI sim or want to get the call history of any VI number? This section is especially for you as I’ll mention the steps regarding how to check the call details of the VI (Vodafone & Idea) number. 

Before getting to the process, let me tell you that Vodafone and Idea have merged, so the process for getting call details for both are same. 

The things that you need to have to get the details are – the VI application, message, and email ID. The primary thing that you should do is update the email id on your mobile number. How? Why? You can do this through the VI application. And because you will get the call history on your registered email ID with VI. 

Now, let’s dive into the steps-

  • Enter the SMS app on your device. 
  • Type “EBILL (month). For instance – the month you want to get details of is August, then type “EBILL AUGUST.”
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  • Send it to 1234.
  • Within an hour, you will get an SMS and a pdf in your email.
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  • Open the pdf and then enter the password asked. Which password? It’s the first two letters of your name and the last four digits of your mobile number. 
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Remember – the letters of your name should be small.

I know this process is comparatively more time-consuming than getting the call history from other operators. But you only have this option, so you must follow it if you want to get the call history details. 

Wondering the number of days you can get the call history of the VI number? Well, if you fill out the form by visiting the VI office, you can get the details for 180 days. But there are no such details available for the online process. 

How to get call history of airtel number?

Previously, the users could get the call history via the airtel application, but now, it’s not allowed. But this doesn’t mean you can’t get the incoming and outgoing call details.

You can, but you need to follow a different process for this. Curious to know about that new process of getting the history details?

Well, before that, let me tell you by which means you can get it. It’s through email and message; you can get the details in pdf format. 

Now, let’s dive into the steps that need to be followed to get the call history of the airtel number- 

  • Enter the message application on your mobile. 
  • Now, enter “EPREBILL (month name) (Email ID). For instance – if you wish to get the details of September and the email ID you want to get the bill on is –, then the message you need to send is ” EPREBILL SEPTEMBER 
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  • Now comes the question, To whom do you have sent this message to? You need to send it to “121”. It’s customer care of Airtel. 
  • Once you send this message, a password will be sent in your messages, and the pdf of the call details will be sent to the mail you have provided airtel. 
  • Now, move to your Email ID, and open the mail sent by Airtel. 
  • When you open the pdf, you’ll be asked about the password. Which one? You need to enter the password that airtel has sent you in messages. 
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  • All done..!! Now you can view that mobile number’s call history. 

One more question might be hitting your mind – how many days of call history of an airtel mobile number can you get?

Well, telecom operators keep a record of the past six months so you can get the call history details of the last six months.

FAQ on Call history of any number

How can I get call history from any number?

The process is simple; I’ve mentioned all the steps above so you can take help from there.

How can I see others call history?

If you want to get others’ call history, you need to have their mobile to process the above steps. And if you don’t have that, third-party applications are the only option you’ve.

How to get call details of any number without OTP?

OTP is a must for getting the call history of any number. So you can’t get it without OTP.

Is it possible to get call history of any number?

Yes, it is possible, but for that, you must have OTP if the number is of jio. And in case the number is of airtel or VI, you need to have the other person’s mobile for some time. 

Can I get call details using third party app?

Yes, you can, but third-party apps are not considered suitable to use. Some people even think of those apps as fake.

Wrap on getting call details of Number in india free

I’ve tried my best to help you out in getting the call history of any number. Whether it is a jio number, airtel, or VI, I’ve mentioned the steps that will help you get the details of call history. But if you have any issues, you can ask me, and I’ll provide you with the appropriate solution ASAP.

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