Best free fire diamond app real – Best app for free fire diamonds

Best free fire diamond app real 2023 (Best app for free fire diamonds)

Garena Free Fire is one of the popular games played by thousands of players. It has its in-game currency that people use to purchase or buy exclusive items in the game, like weapons, skins, accessories, etc.

Best free fire diamond app real 2023 (Best app for free fire diamonds)

The worst part is that users don’t get the diamonds easily, and if they want to get them easily, they have to spend money purchasing them.

Some players want to get the diamonds but for free. So this article is for those players because, in this article, I’ll give a detailed guide on how to get free fire diamonds for free. Read it properly. 

9 best app for free fire diamonds

Here’s the list of nine best apps for getting free fire diamonds for free –

1. Google opinion rewards

Google opinion rewards app for free fire diamonds

It is famous worldwide because it permits people to earn incentives. 

What do users have to do here to earn credits?

They just need to complete quick surveys, and in return, they can get up to INR 32 for each survey. 

Although, the pay differs from survey to survey. 

How to earn rewards?

  • Complete the surveys given.
  • Redeem the credits, and then you can use them to buy the diamonds in the free fire. 

2. Google Task Mate

Taske mate app for free fire diamonds

Here, google assigns you some tasks, and you need to complete those tasks. Later on, you can use the collected money to buy the diamonds in the free fire. 

How to use the app to earn money?

  • Sign up on the app and give the asked details.
  • After getting the task, complete it. There are two types of tasks provided in the app – field task (you need to go outside to complete this) and sitting task. 
  •  Each task will be unlocked once you complete the previous one.
  •  Withdraw the money you earned and purchase diamonds from it. 


3. Poll Pay

Poll Pay app for free fire diamonds

It is used by millions of people and is one of the best applications for earning money and free fire diamonds for free. 

What do you have to do in poll pay? 

You just have to complete some short surveys and polls. After this, you’ll be rewarded by poll pay. 

How can you earn the reward?

  • Get the poll pay app on your device. 
  •  Login with google, Facebook, Twitter or apple ID ( whichever you find convenient).
  •  Go to the home page; from here, you can complete the available surveys. 
  •  Redeem the earnings to PayPal, and later on, you can use these earnings to buy diamonds in the free fire.

4. Booyah

Booyah is free fire’s video-sharing app that allows players to watch streams of their favourite creators. 

Booyah app for free fire diamonds

The Garena free fire developers host many events and giveaways for the players on this platform. These giveaways can be used to get many rewards in the game, including diamonds, vouchers, and some in-game items. 

What do players require to do on Booyah?

Players must watch streams, clips, events and contests on the platform for a given duration to get a specific reward from the prize pool. 

Though, many contests also require players to upload their videos. In this type of contest, only winners get the rewards.

5. Swagbucks

Swagbucks app for free fire diamonds

Swagbucks application has more than five million downloads on androids. 

What do players need to do here?

They just need to participate in surveys, shopping, watch videos or play games. They can do any of these mentioned tasks, and in return, the app will reward them with gift cards. 

You can redeem the cash prizes to PayPal and gift cards to Amazon, etc.

6. Rozdhan app

You can earn money from this app and then use that money to buy the diamonds in a free-fire game. 

Rozdhan app for free fire diamonds

The user needs to play games and complete some tasks for earning here. 

What’s the process of earning money on this platform?

  • Download it and create your account on rozdhan.
  • Move to “earn money” and complete the tasks mentioned there. 
  •  As you complete the tasks, the coins will be given to you. 
  • The next day, these coins will be converted to money. 
  •  Don’t forget to earn energy coins, as you must have these coins to withdraw the money. 
  • Withdraw the money, and then you can use this money to purchase the diamonds.

7. Winzo gold

Winzo gold app for free fire diamonds

Winzo gold is a free-fire partner, so you can easily get the diamonds from here. 

What do you need to do to get diamonds here?

You just need to participate in the free-fire tournaments. 

What’s the process of getting diamonds from Winzo?

  • Download and then sign up on Winzo gold.
  • After signing up, you’ll get a bonus of INR 10 (approx).
  • Participate in the free fire tournament and earn money from there. 
  • The number of kills determines the amount you earn in the tournaments. 
  • Now, after earning, go to the “winzo store” section. 
  • Click on the “free fire” section and earn the diamonds. (You can transfer the earned money to your bank account, and then you can make the payment for purchasing the diamonds here).
  • After making the payment, click on “redeem now.”
  •  Take the code and then use it by moving to the free fire’s website.

8. Rooter

Rooter app for free fire diamonds

Rooter is another application that is famous for getting free fire diamonds for free. 

What do you need to do for getting diamonds from Rooter?

Well, you just need to earn some coins in the app by watching videos and performing other given tasks. After getting the coins, you can directly add diamonds to your free fire account. Not only diamonds, but you can also get a new character. 

How can you earn the diamonds?

  •  First of all, download it and create your account.
  • Then click on the three lines at the top and after that move to earn money. 
  •  From here, you can earn the coins by completing the task they give you.
  • Once you get enough coins, move to the coupons section on the app. Then tap on “games” from the three given options. 
  •  Select the offer you want to redeem.
  • Enter your Game ID and hit on “redeem now”.
  • The diamonds will be transferred to your free fire account within one day. Although sometimes it takes upto four days to add diamonds to your account, so don’t get worried.

9. Mistplay

Mistplay app for free fire diamonds

Here, you can earn gift cards and some incentives. 

What do players need to do to earn gift cards and incentives in Mistplay?

They just need to play games on the platform. By playing mobile games, they can earn units. 

For earning extra units, the players can maintain a daily streak and complete badges. 

Later on, these units can be used to purchase gift cards for Amazon, google play, etc. 

How to get free diamonds in free fire?

There are various methods of getting free diamonds in the Garena free fire game. Following are some –

  •  Apps

There are various genuine apps from which you can earn money and then use that money to purchase diamonds. And some of these apps directly allow you to get the diamonds to your free fire account. 

  •  Reporting bugs

The game provides the players with a chance to report bugs in the game, and in return, they are ready to give them free diamonds. 

  •  Events

Participating in the official events of the game is also a way to get diamonds for free. 

  • Level up.

When any player gets to the next level, they are rewarded with level – up pass.

  • Giveaways

Many influencers provide free fire giveaways, so you can join their groups and take giveaways from there. 

FAQ on free fire diamond app

which is the best app to get free diamonds in free fire?

Well, all the apps mentioned in the article are one of the best apps. So you get the app list from there.

Is there any app to get free diamonds in free fire?

Yes, there are a lot of apps that help the players to get free fire diamonds for free. Some of the apps are – Rooter, winzo gold, Swagbucks, etc.

How do I get real Free Fire diamonds?

There are a lot of ways to get real free fire diamonds like participating in tournaments, using applications, etc. I’ve mentioned all those in detail in the above article.

does rooter app gives diamonds?

Yes, Rooter provides free-fire diamonds. I’ve mentioned the whole process in the above article.

Wrap up on Best app for free fire diamonds

These are some of the best apps you can use to get the free fire diamonds without paying any penny; I hope now you don’t face any problem in getting the free diamonds.

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